Nokogiri LoadError Windows 10

“Lets fix Nokogiri LoadError Windows 10.”

Nokogiri on Windows 10 is not a great combination.

I do not tend to code with Ruby on Windows but I was curious after setting up my gaming Windows PC on how Ruby on Rails will work on this new operating system.

I ended up facing lots of issues but what stand out was the Nokogiri’s gem installation.

After a lot of research and asking around I found out that the issue was related to Ruby 2.2.

After a lot of different tries and using different versions I ended up having it working with using a different version.

Add this to your Gemfile and then bundle install:

gem "nokogiri", ">= 1.6.7.rc"

I suggest you gem uninstall nokogiri if you stumbled upon this issue while your app or environment was working before. My case was with a fresh new working environment.

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