Rails 4 Ticket Support System

“The result is an easy to use Rails 4 Ticket Support system.”

As we were soon going live with AwesomeWeb’s freelance marketplace, we were in need of a ticket support system.

At that time, I had to come up with something quick, convenient and friendly to use. I looked around of what other websites use and all I could see were 3rd party services with complex ticket support systems. I was not satisfied from such solutions and wanted to build something that will be on-site. Then I remembered about Digital Ocean’s ticket system. I used it couple of times in the past and it was really easy to use and straight to the point. After reviewing it a bit I decided to give it a try.

The result is a convenient, easy to use Rails 4 Ticket Support system that can be found in my github account. Feel free to fork/clone it and use it. Feel free to report any bugs/issues and improve it as much as you desire.

Make sure you read the README.md for the instructions, features and some special notices!

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