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  1. Tracking views in Rails

    Tracking views in Rails is very simple! Some weeks ago I was asked to implement a feature that will be tracking the users’ profile views. As I come from a background of Java and PHP I was thinking of ways to efficiently implement something like that and prevent any database performance issues in future. I […]

  2. Ready to Release a Rails App?

    “So, you are ready to release a Rails app? Awesome!” When you are ready to release a Rails app (or your team’s app), there will be many tasks you need to handle and plan for. The World Wide Web is a “hostile” environment. As a result, when you release your Rails App you will face […]

  3. Setting up Ruby on Rails Development Environment

    “When it comes to Web Development via Ruby on Rails, I prefer working with the Mac OS X.” OS X makes it so easy for setting up Ruby on Rails development environment; but I still observe other junior developers having troubles with setting it up. Seven simple steps! 1. First of all, Mac OS X […]

  4. Working with Timestamps

    “Working with Timestamps is a usual task in Rails.” Many times you find yourself in need of a friendly date and time format. Luckily, Rails’ Helper methods provide many different ways to make this possible. A timestamp in Rails is shown like: “2014-01-17 23:36:54 +0000”. So what if we want to present the time that […]

  5. Rails Messaging System from Scratch

    “A great implementation to play around.” Yesterday I implemented a Rails Messaging System from scratch. It was just a simple system so that Admins and Clients could communicate with each other. Briefly, the implementations were: Admins and Clients can send and receive messages. Only Admins characterised as ‘Super Admins’ can use the messaging system. Admins […]

  6. Working with Active Record Reputation System (Voting System in Rails)

    “Active Record Reputation System: Easy to use.” The last few days I have been working with the Active Record Reputation System. This gem is used as a voting system for any kind of records like posts, videos, etc. I have worked with this gem in the past. It is really easy to use and its […]