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  1. Handling Rails 4 Mysql2 Gem LoadError

    “Upgraded to Rails 4 and getting the Mysql2 Gem LoadError?” Last night I was asked to maintain a Rails 3 web project. My first suggestion was to upgrade from Rails 3.2 to 4.x. I went through a Rails updating guide and when I tried to launch the rails server I was getting this error: Rails […]

  2. Rails 4 Ticket Support System

    “The result is an easy to use Rails 4 Ticket Support system.” As we were soon going live with AwesomeWeb’s freelance marketplace, we were in need of a ticket support system. At that time, I had to come up with something quick, convenient and friendly to use. I looked around of what other websites use […]

  3. Rails 4 Static Pages – How To

    Creating Rails 4 Static Pages is really straightforward. We all at some point needed to create a static page like an About or Contact us page. Rails 4 Static Pages are easy to create and the procedure is slightly different than Rails 3. In Rails 3 you had to use the match method like: match […]

  4. Rails 4 Devise Username

    “Some users prefer username authentication but some email – Rails 4 Devise Username” You desire to create the ability for your user’s to login with either their Username or Email. Luckily this task is really simple in Rails 4 Devise Username. First of all make sure that you have the “username” attribute in your Users […]

  5. Rails 4 Simple Search Form

    “Some features need different implementation than in Rails 3. Here is a proper Rails 4 Simple Search Form” I have been working on a new project for a while now. I am using Rails 4 and I observed that some features need different implementation than in Rails 3. For example, let’s create a Rails 4 […]

  6. Rails 4 Concerns – great for tidying up!

    “Making easily readable code is an important aspect of developing. Here are Rails 4 Concerns.” In the past, I came across two Rails applications which their user models were really huge and complex. I had hard time understanding them as I was at the first stages of my Rails career. Today, I have been working […]