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  1. Ready to Release a Rails App?

    “So, you are ready to release a Rails app? Awesome!” When you are ready to release a Rails app (or your team’s app), there will be many tasks you need to handle and plan for. The World Wide Web is a “hostile” environment. As a result, when you release your Rails App you will face […]

  2. Setting up Ruby on Rails Development Environment

    “When it comes to Web Development via Ruby on Rails, I prefer working with the Mac OS X.” OS X makes it so easy for setting up Ruby on Rails development environment; but I still observe other junior developers having troubles with setting it up. Seven simple steps! 1. First of all, Mac OS X […]

  3. Verification Tests or Test Driven Development?

    “Test Driven Development makes you write solid code.” Testing is an essential part in development. My 9FUN application has no tests so far. When i began writing this app, I was in rush to implement its features rather than ensuring its functionality. I now understand that this action was wrong. Testing is essential. If you […]

  4. Refactoring my almost identical controllers

    “Refactoring should take place only when necessary, to simplify the code.” On my newly created self-learning project, 9FUN!, I ended up having two almost identical controllers. These controllers were created after using polymorphic association by creating Posts and then TextPosts and PhotoPosts controllers. These two identical controllers can be found on Github Gist. I thought […]